General Chairs
S. Tretyakov (Chair), Finland
A. Schuchinsky (Co-Chair), UK

Steering Committee
F. Bilotti (Chair), Italy
R. Gonzalo (Past Chair), Spain
V. Podlozny, Finland
V. Shalaev, USA
Y. Vardaxoglou, UK
R. W. Ziolkowski, USA

Technical Programme Committee
A. Sihvola (Chair), Finland
A. Alù, USA
A. Feresidis, UK
S. He, China
D. Lippens, France
S. Maier, UK
R. Marqués, Spain
R. Merlin, USA
M. Notomi, Japan

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Scientific Advisory Board
P. Clarricoats, UK
T. J. Cui, China
P. de Maagt, Netherlands
G. Eleftheriades, Canada
N. Engheta, USA
V. Fusco, UK
P. S. Hall, UK
T. Itoh, USA
Y. Kivshar, Australia
A. N. Lagarkov, Russia
L. W. Li, Singapore
R. McPhedran, Australia
J. Mosig, Switzerland
R. Mittra, USA
H. Nakano, Japan
S. Noda, Japan
A. Oliner, USA
E. Ozbay, Turkey
C. Parini, UK
J. Pendry, UK
R. Pearson, UK
A. Priou, France
C. Soukoulis, Greece/USA
M. Stockman, USA
V.V. Varadan, USA
L. Vegni, Italy
I.B. Vendik, Russia
V.G. Veselago, Russia
N. Zheludev, UK
S. Zouhdi, France

Local Organizing Committee
Y. Hao (Chair), UK
S. Maier (Co-Chair), UK
I. Youngs (Co-Chair), UK
G. Palikaras (Gen. Secretary), UK
A. Alomainy (Publications Chair), UK

Website Administrator
V. Kanevska, Finland
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