Special issue

A set of 10-20 papers presented at the conference that discuss significant and interesting advancements in their research areas will be selected and their contributors will be asked to submit a manuscript for consideration for publication in a special issue of the Metamaterials Journal (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/18731988).

Guest Editors of the special issue will be Rick Ziolkowski and Filiberto Bilotti. The Guest Editors will invite these contributors to submit their manuscript to them, which will then undergo the usual peer review process. The potential invited contributors should be aware that, according to the journal policy, only contributions of the highest level will be accepted and, thus, being invited to contribute to the special issue does not guarantee by itself the publication of the paper in the Metamaterials Journal.

The tentative time schedule is as follows:

  • deadline for the invitations to be sent: September 2009
  • deadline for the submission of the papers: December 2009
  • publication date: August 2010
As needed, more information will be made available at this webpage.


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