Student paper competition
The Conference organizers run a competition for the best student paper.
All student participants are invited to compile and submit on-line an application form for STUDENT PAPER COMPETITION on the Conference website before March 16, 2009 (the same deadline as for the paper submission). You need to be registered at this website to submit your paper and fill in the form.

During the submission procedure, the students will be asked to upload:
  1. a CV of their scientific activity;
  2. the paper title submitted for review;
  3. an endorsement letter signed by the studentís professor/advisor stating that the paper is the result of student's work.

The first author must be the student and the second author may be the student's professor/advisor. More than two authors are not admitted, unless the student has two advisors from different institutions. The papers will follow the regular review process. The TPC will evaluate the studentsí applications and invite the selected students to present their papers at a dedicated poster session during the Congress. The invited finalists will have the registration fee waived. Only one paper per student will be considered. In case of multiply applications with different papers, the student will be excluded from the competition.

After a careful evaluation of the applications, the Steering Committee has selected the following finalists of the student paper competition:

Angela Demetriadu

Anthony Murphy

Wei Hsiung Wee

Claudiu Biris

Rotislav Mikhaylovskiy

Irina Khromova

Charles Croenne

The finalists of the student paper competition should present their papers according to the technical program of the conference. In addition, they are asked to present their papers again at the dedicated poster session (Friday 4 Sept., 10:40-11:40). The members of the Steering Committee will interact with the students during the poster presentation and will select the winner. The winner of the best student paper will be announced at the congress closing ceremony. The award is sponsored by the Journal Metamaterials published by Elsevier.

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