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Agilent Technologies
About:Agilent Technologies offers high-precision, modular AFM solutions for research, industry, and education. Exceptional worldwide support is provided by experienced application scientists and technical service personnel. Agilent’s leading-edge R&D laboratories are dedicated to the timely introduction and optimization of innovative and easy-to-use AFM technologies. Agilent’s Scanning Microwave Microscope (SMM) Mode is a new Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) that combines the electromagnetic measurement capabilities of a microwave network analyser with the nanometer-resolution and Angstromscale positioning capabilities of an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). No other company offers the breadth and depth of measurement tools and expertise to meet the world’s critical requirements for electronic and bio-analytical measurement. Agilent has a long track record and our exclusive focus on measurement. Email:contactcenter_uk@agilent.com Tel: +44 (0) 1189 276201
Ansoft UK
About: HFSS is the industry-standard arbitrary 3D electromagnetic simulation software for high-frequency and high-speed components. HFSS is widely used for the design of RF/microwave components constructed from classical materials (including frequency dependent properties) and more recently, metamaterials. The HFSS Metamaterials Design Guide is available for free download from www.ansoft.com/metamaterial.
Artech House
About: Artech House is a leading publisher of high quality professional books for engineers and managers in some of today's leading technologies, including: microwave technology, electromagnetics, mobile communications,  antennas, radar, nanotechnology, GNSS, optoelectronics, telecommunications, software engineering, bioengineering and other cutting-edge areas. All books on display are available at a special conference discount of 20%. Founded in 1969, Artech House is a subsidiary of Horizon House Publications Inc publishers of the internationally acclaimed magazine the Microwave Journal www.mwjournal.com and Telecommunications Online www.telecomengine.com 16 Sussex Street, London, SW1V 4RW, UK Tel: +44 20 7596 8750 Fax: +44 20 7630 0166 Email: mailto:emccann(at)artechhouse.co.uk
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press
About:Cambridge University Press has a long-established, dynamic and broad-based publishing programme in engineering at all levels. For a 20% discount on a selection of top quality books in RF/microwave, communications and circuits including the following new publications: Yang and Rahmat-Samii, Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures in Antenna Engineering; Skorobogatiy, Fundamentals of Photonic Crystal Guiding, please visit our stand. Edinburgh Building, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge, CB2 8RU, UK Tel: +44 1223 326258 Fax: +44 1223 325632 Email: jlancashire@cambridge.org
COMSOL Multiphysics


CST­ Computer Simulation Technology
Institution of Engineering and Technology
About: The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is Europe’s leading organisation of engineering and technology professionals with over 150,000 members in 127 countries and offices in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. It provides a range of leading publications and information services in the areas of engineering and technology, including the world-renowned rapid publication journal, Electronics Letters. See us at Stand No. 8 for free sample copies of our journals and to find out more about membership and our products and services.
Nearfield Systems Inc.
About: Founded  in 1988, NSI’s goal is to provide affordable, commercially available, antenna measurement systems to address the fast changing needs of the antenna measurement community. NSI  is the world leader in designing, building, delivering and supporting high accuracy antenna measurement systems. This is backed up with the highest levels of product assurance, ISO 9001:2000 & CTIA CATL certification. NSI’s customers operate in industries as diverse as Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications, Automotive, Research, Academic. NSI’s research has yielded seven patents, including our Motion Tracking Interferometer, and our Laser Optics Packages. This, together with breakthrough technologies like our Mathematical Absorber Reflection Suppression technology enable us to provide boundary defining products. NSI has successfully delivered systems that operate over a frequency range of 100 MHz to 950 GHz and planar near-field systems that vary in size from 2’x2’ (0.6 m x 0.6 m) to 108’ x 52’ (33 m x 16 m).
Queen Mary University of London
Queen Mary University of London
Antenna Research Group
About: Antenna research at Queen Mary was established in 1968 and since then has built an international reputation for its research in the areas of microwave antennas and electromagnetic analysis. The Antenna Measurement Group's mission statement is "High Quality Research backed up by High Quality Measurements". Comprehensive experimental facilities are available at Queen Mary and are housed in the Antenna Measurement Laboratory. Research in the Laboratory is directed by Prof. Clive Parini along with 5 full time members of academic staff and assisted by 4 part-time Research Professors  
Advanced Dielectric Division
About: Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division (Taconic ADD) is a global supplier of low-loss PCB substrate. With its state-of-art manufacturing facilities Taconic ADD is a market-leader in supporting the substrate requirements for the wireless industry. Committed to R & D, Taconic ADD products reflect market needs and Taconic actively supports industry and academia in providing cost-effective solutions for antenna (microstrip, phased-array, EBG etc.), RF/MW components (power-amplifier, filter, passive components etc.) and high-speed digital circuitry. Emerging market opportunities such as E-band radio push the boundaries of RF/MW PCB technology; Taconic ADD is satisfying this market with stable dielectrics that support laser-ablation and tight-tolerance processing.


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